Saturday, October 21, 2017


Begotten of God

The Holy Items

The Way of Blessed Families

True Family Values

Conjugal Heart

Parental Heart

America's True Mother

National Restoration

Parliamentarians for Peace

The Constitution


Connecting The Dots

HJ Cheonwon

Holy Marriage Blessing

Male-Female Principle

The Eight Great Textbooks

The Meaning of Hyo Jeong

Foundation Day

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Man-Woman Love Revolution

Peace Starts With Me

True Mother's Position

Victorious Gospel

The World’s Future

God is opening the gate of His kingdom to every religion, to all clergy, to all parents. All clergy can inspire families to protect...

Turning the Hearts of Children to Their Parents

The prophet Malachi told us that to prepare for the Messiah, we need to restore the love of parents and children: “I will send...

Ramping Up a Culture of Parental Heart

Jesus is calling us to become true parents. He said that even evil fathers know how to give good gifts to their children. Jesus...

Marriage Is the Key to Global Unity

The culture of fallen parents leads to corrupt civilizations ruled by force and economies that abuse nature. Those who excel at exploiting others take...

Resist, But Then Rebuild

I’ve been talking about true parenting. Now let’s talk about the results of inadequate parenting. We all know what true parenting is about, and...

Truly Parental Nations

There is one absolutely world-transforming virtue of parents: parents want their children to surpass them. Parents’ desire is that their children grow up to...

The Biblical Model of Parents Part 2

Parents do not calculate their giving to the children, nor ask for repayment. A mother does not calculate how much milk she gave from...

The Biblical Model of Parents Part 1

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the biblical model of parents who are one with God.  Here are some lessons they teach. Parents share...