Wednesday, March 29, 2017


How do we connect the dots between “I’d like a happy marriage” to “I need True Parents Blessing”?

Connecting The Dots


How does this brilliantly-conceived movement to connect elected representatives of the people open the door to world peace? Co-written by Robert Kittel.

Parliamentarians for Peace


How well do you know the Cheon Il Guk Constitution? This series shows how this legal document speaks to each person’s life and world–in an amazing way.

The Constitution


Filial piety is about me and my parents, right? How is it supposed to save the world? And what’s it doing being the axis of the universe?

Hyo Jeong


How do True Parents restore man-woman relations to the original model–which the world has never seen? New love sets aside old traditions and creates new ones.

Man-Woman Love Revolution


Why would True Mother clear the decks of all the kinds of holy candles and holy wines, and make something new? How does this take us home to True Father forever?

The Holy Items


Are True Father’s words a tower of orthodoxy? Or was he an ever-evolving expositor of eternal Principles, constantly challenging the mind to find solutions in the heart?

The Eight Great Textbooks


Is America’s original sin slavery, as some say? Or did it start in the Garden of Eden?


The Principle of Yucky

While the world’s great esoteric traditions talked about sex, they could not give God ownership of it. For this reason, they could not discover...

The Sperm, the Ovum, and You

True Father told us that “Everyone is conceived through the grace of God and the love of his or her parents.” This means that...

We Must Become God’s True Children

In the face of rejection, True Parents gave to America; they gave and gave again. They will not let go of their elder son,...

America’s True Mother 3 – A Mother Forbears Sin As Immaturity

When American founding father John Adams referred to “the noblest and most generous affections of our nature” upon which government should be based, he...

The “R” Word: It Rhymes with Freedom

In Washington, DC, November 30, 2016, True Mother opened her speech to American and international parliamentarians with a call to “begin a movement in...

Refugee, Immigrant, Oppressed Minority

There are a huge number of refugees in the world today. They emigrate from countries ravaged by war, crime, poverty and famine. Countries in...

FOUNDATION DAY 6: The Power of Innocence

The life of Christ, beginning to end, defies description. One truth overlays another; the mind cannot grasp the whole. To penetrate it requires an...

FOUNDATION DAY 5: The Passion of the True Father

In the completion stage of the course to establish Cheon Il Guk, we lived through the passion of True Father. " True Father lived...