Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Four courses give you the basics of the Principle, True Parents, the Holy Marriage Blessing, and God’s original ideal of world peace.

A new expression of truth uniting religion & science, man & woman, nations & religions, on God’s love.

When Jesus left the Earth, the Holy Spirit took the lead. Thus began a new chapter of human history.

The Holy Marriage Blessing is the gateway to a healthy, happy, and holy romance that lasts forever.

The process to restore true love between man and woman also applies to nations and the whole world.





True Mother and the Global Civil Religion

Our True Mother's gathering of religious leaders at the World Cup Stadium was more than an interfaith event. She embraced political leaders; she spoke to governments. It was the launch of a global civil...

Peace Starts With Me Episode 16 – No Place to Lay Her Head

As they had more children, for Mother to find even a corner in which she could give birth to her baby was so difficult. At that time, all meetings were held in Father’s room,...

True Mother Breaks Through Korea’s Twin Dead-Ends

On November 11, True Mother did not give a political speech. Instead, she presented the leaders and peoples of Korea, north and south, a new narrative. She told them their identity and responsibility from...

The Sacred Formula on November 11

Father and Mother Moon hail from villages 18 miles apart in what is now called North Korea. The communist takeover of the North left them refugees having nothing but heart and faith. Over the...

Marriage in the Spirit World  It's a classic from Pastor Ruth’s radio library, given two years ago on Halloween. Rev. Moon teaches that in spirit world, we breathe the air of love. To breathe, we need healthy lungs. Lung...

Peace Starts With Me Episode 15 – A Lonely Understanding: The Path of True...

                    Mrs. Moon once said she was alone her entire life. True Father said the same: “No one understands me. My parents never understood, even my wife and children can never really understand. My understanding...