"To Inherit and Magnify True Parents’ Love."


Welcome. These four courses introduce the Principle, True Parents, the Holy Marriage Blessing, and God’s ideal for world peace.
It’s a good place to start.

A new expression of truth that unites mind and body, religion and science, and all people in God’s love.

When Jesus left the Earth, the Holy Spirit took the lead. Thus began a new chapter of human history.

The Holy Marriage Blessing is the gateway to a healthy, happy, and holy romance that lasts forever.

The process to restore true love between man and woman also applies to nations and the whole world.


Welcome to the Library. It contains videos and articles organized by subject areas.

Learn all about Reverend and Mrs. Moon’s historical path, teachings and ministry.

True Parents’ shared leadership continues with True Father in Heaven and True Mother on earth.

Spiritual growth intertwines eternally with the dynamics of marriage and family life.

Self-government, family-government, community-government and beyond follow the same principles.


Welcome to the Podcast Library. It contains episodes organized by subject areas.

The podcast ministry of True Parents Way, features Pastor Ruth and Dr. Tyler sharing Father Moon’s words and principles about marriage, family, religion, politics and society.

Its mission is to build God-centered marriages and families across barriers of race and religion, to make marriage and family the home of God, to resurrect and exalt man-woman love, and to grow our hearts for God, for our communities, and for the world.

How does the marriage Blessing impact marriages? Is it a one-time experience? Or does it change everything, forever?

The Bible is an endless resource of wisdom from God. We look at the Bible through the lens of marriage and family.

Marriage is the hub, spirituality is the drive shaft and family is the wheel. A healthy hub is where drive shaft gets traction, and the center which the family rotates.

Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon took on the True Parents’ mission, fulfilled it for time and eternity, and made the way for us to do the same.

The Holy Marriage Blessing balances and aligns marriage and family with God, and fills it with the oxygen of love. It cures what is ailing our public life.

Seasonal holidays are universal celebrations. These podcasts connect the Blessing to the universal celebrations that make the world one family.