True Parents Way – to inherit and magnify true parents love.

Reaching far and wide to build the vibrant unity of our universal family centering on True Parents. Through articles, videos and podcasts, True Parents Way will be a place where members find clarity and gain Principled perspective on the day to day development of our movement.

We Are Ready To Reach Millions

There needs to be a place where our entire family, no matter their disposition and perspective, go to receive content that defines and describes exactly how we attend True Parents today and what this means for our everyday lives.

True Parents Way is a positive informational site on the beliefs and practices of the Family Federation. We share internal affairs from a Principle perspective out of a heart of love.

True Parents Way is a bridge, a medium that interprets and explains True Parents’ teachings and ministry. We unwrap the package to reveal a heart of love and truth, and a vision of world transformation within.


I have dedicated my very being to this work, sharing the joys and pains of life with True Father as his companion, overcoming innumerable trials and difficulties.

On that victorious foundation, we gained the right of equality in a providential dimension, the right to live together and the right to hold the same position, which Heaven bestowed upon us.

I want to make clear that I have inherited True Father’s victorious foundation and shall stand in the forefront to lead the providence on earth.

True Father in the spirit world is always with us. He is at our side and will never leave us even for a moment.

Beloved members, I shall be faithful to True Father’s life and tradition. He set the example and led by example his entire life, doing his absolute best to achieve victory in the providence.

The requests I have conveyed to you today are True Father’s last words as he was departing for the spirit world. I sincerely pray that you will engrave them deeply in your heart and that you will all be victorious. (“Advance without Ceasing,” 2012.09.17)

Tyler Hendricks, Ph.D

Tyler was searching for the true love that could change the world, and thought that rock music was the way. Within two years he realized that musicians were just as lost as everyone else, and that the music business was no less corrupt than any other. Through it all, on the foundation of his parents’ love, Sunday School and Zen, Jesus found him and led him to Father and Mother Moon, who are the true love that does change the world.

From there, Tyler’s life turned to communal living, prayer, fasting, cold showers, street witnessing and parking lot fundraising. God’s hand guided him from there to become a grad student at Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) and then Vanderbilt University, fisherman with Ocean Church in Gloucester, MA, CARP Vice-President, UTS adjunct professor, ICC and IRF conference organizer, New England Regional Coordinator, and president of the Unification Church-Family Federation, and then of UTS.

His greatest blessing is the love of his wife Hyeyong and wonderful family. Next to that is the opportunity to share his heart through True Parents Way.


True Parents Way – To Inherit and Magnify True Parents Love. 

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