Friday, July 20, 2018


Tyler Hendricks Ph.D


Tyler was searching for the true love that could change the world, and thought that rock music was the way. Two years later he realized that rock musicians were just as lost as everyone else, and that the music business was just as corrupt as any other. Through it all, on the foundation of his parents’ love, Sunday School and Zen Buddhism, he found Jesus, and Jesus led him to the True Parents, Father and Mother Moon, who are the true love that does change the world.

Tyler’s path forward included prayer, fasting, street witnessing, parking lot fundraising, studying, lecturing, discipleship, being a monk, a fisherman, a chaplain, a teacher, an organizer, and interfaith advocate, a church president, a seminary president, a writer, a radio personality, and most importantly a son, brother, husband and father for God and True Parents, his wife Hyeyong, and a growing family.

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