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Man-Woman Love Revolution 09 – The Predestination of True Parents

Man-Woman Love Revolution 09 - The Predestination of True Parents

The End of Man-Woman Separation – Love Principles Episode 17

The messenger of Satan, tormenting each person, remains, stuck in the flesh of of men and women. The Left can’t end it; the Right...

A God-Centered Vision for Marriage – Love Principles Episode 09

Men and women need a God-centered vision for conjugal life. We need to connect God to the marriage bed. By attending our parents and...

Man-Woman Love Revolution 14 – The Father-Mother Principle

Man-Woman Love Revolution 14 - The Father-Mother Principle

Holy Marriage Blessing Part 01 – Rebirth

Holy Marriage Blessing Part 1 The Holy Marriage Blessing is the path to a healthy, happy and holy romance that lasts forever. By the Blessing,...

Honor Thy Brother and Sister – Love Principles Episode 07

Our parents’ love empowers us to honor our brother and sister and never violate their dignity, their hopes and their purity. A true brother...