Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon (Hak Ja Han Moon) were called by Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit to stand as the True Parents of all humankind. True Parents Way shares about their historical path, teachings and ministry. Essential content for generations to come.


Divine Principle – The Path to Happiness

Truth has a mission, to bring happiness. It is unchanging, but how we express it changes. This series presents the Divine Principle, Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s teachings that reveal the core principles of God’s creation, our separation from God, and how we can return to God and more—bring God’s kingdom to the Earth. Forty-two episodes.

Lecture 1 : [General Introduction] The Mission of the New Truth
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The Victorious Gospel of True Parents

When Jesus left the earth, the Holy Spirit took the lead. Thus began a new chapter of human history. When our True Father left the earth, our True Mother took the lead. This series presents the stages of True Mother’s life course. Nine episodes.

Victorious Gospel 1
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Hyo Jeong and the Cheonpyeong Campus

True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, has innovated the term hyo jeong to mean the application of filial piety, or “filial heart,” to all realms of life. She has established it as the core value of the Cheongpyeong campus, and as the principle by which all spheres of human life can harmonize in one love, one mind and one harmony—not just there, but throughout the world and cosmos. These eleven episodes share the history and vision.

The Meaning of Hyo Jeong - Part 1: The Filial Heart Design
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The Eight Textbooks

True Father gave us eight textbooks, comprising over 600 volumes. Plus, on top of that, “teaching materials.” This series takes us to the bottom line: love God and each other with all our strength, and become living textbooks the way True Father was. Three episodes.