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Man and Woman Become God-Like

Husband and wife become one flesh in the sexual organs, the place of conjugal union. They are the most holy place of the body, to be treated as a holy temple and palace of...

How Children Give Birth To Parents

When parents give birth to a child, the child gives new birth to its parents. The cry of the newborn, that little picture from the four-year old, the bouquet of flowers from the eight-year...

Holy Marriage Blessing Part 01 – Rebirth

Holy Marriage Blessing Part 1 The Holy Marriage Blessing is the path to a healthy, happy and holy romance that lasts forever. By the Blessing, man and woman become one in God's love. In the...

Divine Love, Life and Lineage

The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents - Divine Love, Life and Lineage A true child is created when a seed in the Messiah’s body meets an ovum in...

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