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True Parents Are Truly God and Truly Human

From the perspective of the fallen world, Jesus Christ is a paradox: truly God and truly human. Many early Christian churches emphasized one over the other. Rome accepted the paradox and balanced the divine...

The Twin Towers

I consider the political Left and Right to represent feminine and masculine perspectives, and our age to be one in which both are restoring their proper positions. In the 1960s, the Left’s call for...

Your Purpose is Perfection

Christian pastor Rick Warren wrote, “Whenever God wanted to prepare someone for his purposes, he took 40 days.” Your purpose is perfection. In the Divine Principle, the fulfillment of 40 accomplishes this purpose. The...

Holy Marriage Blessing Part 02 – Resurrection and Purification

Holy Marriage Blessing Part 2 The Holy Marriage Blessing is the path to a healthy, happy and holy romance that lasts forever. By the Blessing, man and woman become one in God's love. In the human...

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