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The Only Begotten Daughter Breaks Our Concepts

It is TRUE both that True Mother did not receive any education AND that True Father raised her up. True Mother was born the perfect Daughter in the original creation, without need for education....

He Becomes a Sinner So We Can Be Sinless

My first experience of True Father was in the spirit, months before I met the movement. One night, I awoke from sleep, face to face with a sleazy Asian business man with shiny black,...

Overcoming the Temptation To Judge

By honoring parents, the child enters the realm of brother-sister love. Let’s explore how True Father brought the entire church through this gateway. To honor means to treat a person as royalty. Parents indeed...

We Must Become God’s True Children

In the face of rejection, True Parents gave to America; they gave and gave again. They will not let go of their elder son, even as he breaks into pieces. On Capitol Hill, True...

Why True Mother is Only Begotten

I have introduced the first family’s three original responsibilities that, due to the Fall, became the three indemnity conditions that weave through history and shape our salvation today. Before proceeding, I want to answer...

Man-Woman Love Revolution 09 – The Predestination of True Parents

Man-Woman Love Revolution 09 - The Predestination of True Parents

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