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Begotten of God

Each of us is begotten by the power of three: a man, a woman, and God. In that simple proposition is found a story of where we come from, who we are, and where we are going. These ten episodes tell the story.

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Divine Principle – The Path to Happiness

Truth has a mission, to bring happiness. It is unchanging, but how we express it changes. This series presents the Divine Principle, Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s teachings that reveal the core principles of God’s creation, our separation from God, and how we can return to God and more—bring God’s kingdom to the Earth. Forty-two episodes.

Lecture 1 : [General Introduction] The Mission of the New Truth
Lecture 2: [Principles of Creation 1] Solving the Fundamental Problems of Life
Lecture 3 : [The Principle of Creation 2] A Way of Life Based on God’s Existence
Lecture 4 : [The Principle of Creation 3] The Purpose of Creation and Roadmap of Life
Lecture 5 : [The Principle of Creation 4] The Standard of Original Value
Lecture 6 : [The Principle of Creation 5] The Process of Creation and Period of Growth
Lecture 7 : [The Principle of Creation 6] Living Well and Dying Well
Lecture 8 : [Human Fall 1] The Root of Sin
Lecture 9 : [Human Fall 2] The Motivation and Process of the Fall
Lecture 10 : [Human Fall 3] The reason God did not intervene in the Fall
Lecture 11 : [Unification Principle’s View of History]
Lecture 12 : [Eschatology 2] The Significance of the Last Days and our Attitude
Lecture 13 : [Salvation 3] Salvation through the Cross
Lecture 14 : [Salvation4] John the Baptist and the Second Coming of Elijah
Lecture 15 : [Resurrection 1] The Biblical Concept of Life and Death and the Meaning of Resurrection
Lecture 18 : [Christology] Jesus and the Person who has realized the purpose of creation
Lecture 20 : [Restoration] The Principle of Restoration Through Indemnity
Lecture 21 : [Restoration] The Foundation for the Messiah
Lecture 22 : [Restoration] The providence in Adam’s family
Lecture 23 : [Restoration] The return of providence centered on Noah's Family
Lecture 24 : [Restoration] The Providence Centered on Abraham’s Family
Lecture 26 : [Restoration] The Providence Centered on Abraham’s Family 3
Lecture 27 : [Restoration] The Model Course for Separating from Satan
Lecture 28 : [Moses and Jesus 2] The First National Course to Restore Canaan (Moses)
Lecture 29 : [Moses and Jesus 3] The Second National Course to Restore Canaan (Moses)
Lecture 30 : [Moses and Jesus 4] The Second National Course to Restore Canaan
Lecture 31 : [Moses and Jesus 5] The third journey of return of Canaan (Joshua)
Lecture 32 : [Moses and Jesus 6] The first worldwide journey of return to Canaan (Jesus)
Lecture 33 : [Moses and Jesus 6] The second worldwide journey of return to Canaan (Jesus)
Lecture 34 : [Moses and Jesus 8] The Third Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan (Jesus)
Lecture 35 : [Restoration] Time in Providential History
Lecture 36 : [Restoration] Parallel Periods in Providential History
Lecture 37 : [Restoration] Preparation for the Second Advent
Lecture 38-1 : [Restoration] The Cause of the Great World Wars
Lecture 38-2 : [Restoration] The Cause of the Great World Wars
Lecture 39 : [Second Coming 1] When and How will Christ Return?
Lecture 40-1 : [Second Coming 2] Where will Christ Return?
Lecture 40-2 : [Second Coming 2] Where will Christ Return?

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Eight Textbooks

True Father gave us eight textbooks, comprising over 600 volumes. Plus, on top of that, “teaching materials.” This series takes us to the bottom line: love God and each other with all our strength, and become living textbooks the way True Father was. Three episodes.

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Holy Marriage Blessing

The Holy Marriage Blessing is the gateway to a healthy, happy and holy romance that lasts forever. We need not just to receive it but to understand what the five ceremonies of the Blessing mean, where they come from in the Bible, and how they transform us and our world. These five episodes give an overview.

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Hyo Jeong and the Cheonpyeong Campus

True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, has innovated the term hyo jeong to mean the application of filial piety, or “filial heart,” to all realms of life. She has established it as the core value of the Cheongpyeong campus, and as the principle by which all spheres of human life can harmonize in one love, one mind and one harmony—not just there, but throughout the world and cosmos. These eleven episodes share the history and vision.

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Man-Woman Love Revolution

The human Fall separated man and woman from God and from each other. Since then history has seen many revolutions to try to bring a better world. This series is about the most fundamental revolution of all, that restores the relationship of man and woman intended by God. Fourteen episodes.

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National Restoration

The process to restore true love between man and woman also applies to nations and the whole world. Knowing this does not make world peace come easy, but at least it tells us where to point our compass. Twelve episodes.

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Peace Starts with Me

This ongoing series tells the story of how a faithful and courageous woman stood up as the only begotten Daughter of God, the starting point of world peace, and whose magnetic power of love gathered 20,000 people in the grace of the Holy Spirit at Madison Square Garden. One woman, representing all women, declared the advent of world peace through ideal families. The event was incredible; the back story is even more moving.

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The Victorious Gospel of True Parents

When Jesus left the earth, the Holy Spirit took the lead. Thus began a new chapter of human history. When our True Father left the earth, our True Mother took the lead. This series presents the stages of True Mother’s life course. Nine episodes.

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