The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents – The Journey Inside

At the recent 56th Anniversary of Father and Mother Moon’s Holy Wedding, Mrs. Moon presented new “Holy Items,” consisting of holy wine, holy salt, holy earth, and a holy candle. As a Parent of a universal, family-based spiritual tradition, Mother Moon was bestowing gifts to her children. But exactly why she was doing this, I was not sure.

I received a long e-mail about Holy Items, forms to fill out, and a to-do list for the next 40 days. My eyes glazed over.

A couple of weeks later, I received an e-mail with 20-plus pages of attachments about the meaning of these Holy Items, things to read, offerings to make, forms to fill out, and a to-do list for my spiritual life. Pray-check; repent-check; get forgiven-check. I went external. My eyes glazed over. I marked my calendar and stuck the files in a folder.

But a couple of days later, something I read in Father Moon’s words took me back to the topic of the Holy Items. I looked again at what I’d received, reflected, connected some dots, and my external self began to give way. I started a journey inside. What I found, I did not expect.

In the process, I realized: “Wait a minute, this material is incredible! These Holy Items are so important! Why aren’t people talking about this?” I figured that many people’s eyes, like mine at first, glazed over.

Now, as I work on my journey inside, perhaps I can stimulate you on yours. My path begins with a somewhat obscure topic, the Christian sacraments. I know that seems unrelated, but stay with me on it.



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