Divine Love, Life and Lineage


The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents – Divine Love, Life and Lineage

A true child is created when a seed in the Messiah’s body meets an ovum in his Bride’s womb. This new life inherits the divine lineage of the father and mother.

Born into this world, the lineage we inherited was not divine. To change our lineage, we need a path into the Messiah’s body.

“By our decision to stand with True Mother, through faith and love, we too become as True Father’s bride.”

The path is through the Bride’s womb, which is the center of divine love for the Bridegroom. Hence Jesus’ teaching about rebirth led Nicodemus to ask how he could enter his mother’s womb. (John 3:4) In her womb, their marriage, called in Scripture the Marriage of the Lamb, creates the divine lineage. Divine love becomes divine life, and divine life becomes divine lineage.

Marriage is based on the decision of bridegroom and bride. At age 17, Hak Ja Han made the decision to become one flesh with Father Moon in the Holy Marriage Blessing. By our decision to stand with her, through faith and love, we too become as his bride, one flesh with him.

Genesis 2:24 is very direct: “the two shall become one flesh.” Jesus was just as direct when he told us: “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them.” (John 6:56) To eat something is to make it part of your body. Jesus was saying, “put me in your body.” He was not advocating cannibalism; he was not a practitioner of free love. He was establishing a sacrament.

“Through the sacrament of True Parents, we inherit the divine lineage, in heaven and on earth.”

Through True Father’s love for True Mother, he is part of her body. They become the root of the sacrament, the messianic husband and wife, the True Parents. In that absolute, eternal, unchanging and unique love, embodying God, beyond time and space, we are born again. That’s what underlies the Holy Items, the sacraments of the Second Advent. Through the sacrament of True Parents, we inherit the divine lineage, in heaven and on earth. As couples, we inherit that absolute, eternal, unchanging and unique love, embodying God, beyond time and space.



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