A Bride Without Sin


Father told us that his bride is sinless, which means Satan cannot accuse her. She is, as Paul wrote of her, “without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.” (Eph 5:25-27) Father Moon’s words on his bride carry the same heart:

“If a perfect man is born, a perfect woman will be born.”

“Perfected Adam meets the perfected Eve and has a family. This is the Feast of the Lamb.”

“Because Adam and Eve fell and lost their family foundation, another representing perfected Adam meets the perfected Eve and has a family. This is the Feast of the Lamb.”

“Would it be sinful for Jesus to love that woman? Would God stop Jesus from loving that perfected woman?”

“The third Adam comes in the position of Adam before the Fall and has to search for Eve before the Fall. The third Adam must find the unfallen Eve and have the Feast of the Lamb.”

“The bride whom the Christ, who is the bridegroom, is trying to find on this earth is not a woman under the dominion of the Fall. He is trying to find a person who is born from an unfallen, pure lineage. …[She] has to be the one who can advance to the position of Mother as a virgin who has no connection with evil.”

“A family formed from a true man and true woman is needed. What we need first of all is the true man and woman. Throughout history, we could not find a model of a true man and a true woman.”

“Father’s conclusion is that the bride is perfect, born of an unfallen, pure lineage, with no connection to evil.”

Father’s conclusion is that the bride is perfect, born of an unfallen, pure lineage, with no connection to evil. He believed in True Mother, and proclaimed that she with him embodied the substantial Word. Even so, as with Jesus, the chosen people may lose faith. To decide whether to believe or not is our responsibility.

(Citations from Blessing and Ideal Family 1993 pp. 265, 119, 101, 112, 312-14, 120; cf. Exposition of Divine Principle p. 271.)



  1. Yes, this is what Father hoped for and intended. The final stage of the feast of the Lamb did not take place and was canceled by True Father. In all the quotes that Tyler selected, True Father does not use the words “True Mother”.

    Here is what True Father said in 2003. It contradict Tyler’s narrative. Truth does not contradict itself.
    “True Mother is so pure. She may not be so knowledgeable about the secular world but she is so pure that she could be raised correctly according to God’s will and now she deals with the world. Mother came from the lineage of the fallen archangel. To do this I had to go forward with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. Therefore I came this far with that kind of belief and faith. Since she came from the fallen lineage I had to go completely the opposite way of the universe. I had to deny everything.” http://www.tparents.org/moon-talks/sunmyungmoon03/SM031001a.htm

    • All of humanity come from the realm of the Archangel but God has been working to purify his children in order to recreate his ideal which was lost.
      How do we understand the coming of the Second Advent? True Father’s lineage was prepared and his commission as Messiah and True Father to-be sealed upon his acceptance of Jesus’ mission. Likewise, True Mother’s lineage was prepared and she received blessings and anointing from key people within Christian spiritual groups who were making incredible conditions to prepare for the Lord at the Second Advent and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
      True Parents would not have been able to give birth to True Children or engraft people into God’s lineage through to the Marriage Blessing if they did not have the authority to do so since 1960. Everything in the Universe has its growing stages and True Parents modelled God’s Principle, the fulfilment of the human portion of responsibility, albeit working through the reality of restoration and recreation needed because of the calamity of the Fall.
      The final stage was conducted on Foundation Day 2013, the long awaited D-Day, when True Father in the spirit world and True Mother on earth, proclaimed the beginning of Cheon Il Guk. Because of True Parents we have a new, godly ancestral root and can stand as if in the Garden of Eden without a shadow of the Fall, if only our minds and bodies are completely united in love centred on the will of God.

      Thank you for your loving work, Dr. Hendricks.

      • Natasha, you wrote:”True Father’s lineage was prepared and his commission as Messiah and True Father to-be sealed upon his acceptance of Jesus’ mission. Likewise, True Mother’s lineage was prepared and she received blessings and anointing from key people within Christian spiritual groups…..”

        This is a such relativist rewriting a Providential history and a humanistic distortion of True Father’s words. True Father never presented his course and True Mother’s course in such a way, especially after his last revelation of his origin being from the God of Night and True Mother from the God of day.

        You are rewriting Providential history to fit your narrative that there is no difference between True Father and True Mother’s nature and origin.

  2. 1. True Mother was born with fallen lineage:
    “Jesus was called “the only begotten son.” This is an amazing word. He attended God as his Father, and said, “I am the only begotten son.” The only begotten son is a first son of first love. God’s hidden love is his root and everything should become the fruit which is connected to him.
    Although Jesus was the only begotten son, was there the only begotten daughter who was supposed to be his object partner? History of salvation is [history of] restoration. Where is the only begotten daughter? She is a fallen woman. A fallen woman.
    (Sermons of Rev. Moon, Vol. 394, pp. 35~36, “Absolute faith, love, obedience and a path for glorious establishment of fatherland,” Oct. 6, 2002)
    “Do you think that Mother was born to be the wife of the Second Coming like a princess? Tell me! No. She was born with the fallen lineage.”
    (Sermons of Rev. Moon, Vol. 461, p. 26, “The fulfillment of the family pledge and the life of attending True Parents,” Jul. 19, 2004)
    “Then, how can a woman be found from the perspective of the principle of recreation? [A woman] should be recreated through Adam. Some Christians make a joke that the number of man’s ribs are one less than that of a woman because God created a woman out of a man’s rib. This kind of literal understanding is crazy. What does that really mean? Taking out of something means that it was used as a mold. When you read a book, you say ‘get the essence out of the book,’ right? What does ‘getting the essence out of something’ means? It means extract something which can become a model or a mold. A woman was created after the model of a man.”
    (Sermons of Rev. Moon, Vol. 115, p. 133, “Historical Turning Point,” Nov. 8, 1981)
    “Although the only begotten son appeared in order to open the heaven’s door, there should be the only begotten daughter since man and woman changed the blood lineage through the Fall. Then, how does the only begotten daughter come into being? Because a woman was created out of Adam’s rib, the only begotten son must recreate Eve. He has to bring her back”
    (Sermons of Rev. Moon, Vol 482, p. 275, “Become a queen of the tribe,” Jan. 14, 2005)
    2. History is in search of a man.
    “When we look at the history of six thousand years until now, it has been a history in search of a man. It has been searching for a man. This is because women are restored through men. At the time of creation, woman was created after man; it is an unchangeable fact that history is in search of a man. The principle of history does not change.”
    (Blessing and Ideal Family, p.112)
    3. True Father’s lineage was purified by God.
    “You say that you received the fallen lineage because Adam and Eve fell, and True Father’s lineage is also the fallen lineage. You should never say that kind of words. If Rev. Moon inherited the fallen lineage, how could he know the secret of heaven? If so, restoration can never be realized.
    (“The realm of the archangel’s ownership”, Oct. 3, 2009)
    “It’s been said whether True Father received fallen lineage or pure lineage. How dare you say like that? Adam & Eve fell at the age of 16. So, without purifying the representative lineage through 6000 years of history and standing in the position of Adam before the Fall with the responsibility of historical representative (a representative of formation stage, a representative of growth stage and a representative of completion stage), how can God’s lineage be connected?
    How can you say whether Father has pure lineage or something else when you can’t even interpret the Principle? Because I know it, I didn’t want to come here. I didn’t want to come because I know how disgusting this is.”
    (Sermons of Rev. Moon, Vol. 608, p.303, “This is time to complete everything,” Feb. 28, 2009)
    4. True Father educated True Mother.
    “The first 7 year course started from 1960 until 1967 and fought this battle. During that period, I educated Mother and did work of recreation to make her one with me.”
    (Sermons of Rev. Moon, Vol 52, p.252, “Significance and the origin of God’s Day,” Jan. 1, 1972)
    “Does True Mother know the Principle? She doesn’t. She knows nothing. Father has to educate her.”
    (Apr. 18, 2001, Tongil Segye)


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