The Axis of the Universe Is the Best Business Practice

Participants at a 2016 Global Top Gun Workshop

After a two-hour drive, I had to walk across rice paddies to get to the Cheongpyeong site. It consisted of a building, a dock, and a path up the mountain. That was 1980.

Father Moon prophesied that there would arise “a cosmopolitan village, a city where the surroundings will bring together the cultures of each country,… where young people of the world can come and attend workshops” and “something like a palace; a meeting place for the people of the world.”

Completion of this prophecy, Mother Moon says, comes from our Hyo Jeong, “a filial heart for Heavenly Parent.”

“No list of best business practices calls us to honor our father and mother. But Father Moon did.

Really? Filial heart? I don’t see filial heart on any list of best business practices. No guru of market studies, strategic planning and scalable outcomes calls us to honor our father and mother.  

But Father Moon did. He said that the parent-child bond is the axis of the universe.

It turns out that Heaven on Earth is not a creation; it’s a Creation. Its source is God. And God is in True Parents. So Heaven on Earth begins with a filial heart to God and True Parents.

Now, when filial heart calls us to sacrifice, what do we do? We either honor them, or we don’t. We reject, or repent. Which was Father Moon’s way? He repented.

Did he repent for claiming divine authority? For over-reaching his capacity? For teaching what no one had ever heard before?

No. He repented for lacking filial heart.

He prayed, “I myself, who have the name of True Parents, am really ashamed to stand before You, Father. In spite of the fact that there have been billions of times in the deep night when I could have comforted You, whose heart was being pierced, I instead passed or lost those times because I was overcome by my own tiredness, seized by sleep. When I think of the many times that happened, I cannot but think once again how extremely unfilial I have been.”

“I myself, who have the name of True Parents, am really ashamed to stand before You, Father….”


It is not easy to offer all of one’s heart, soul, mind and strength as a sacrifice for God, especially when God says, “Do it for me through your Parents.”

As for the rice paddies, today the drive from Seoul takes 40 minutes.   

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