The Divine Architecture of Cheon Il Guk


What the U.S. Declaration of Independence calls “self-evident truths,” the Cheon Il Guk Constitution calls “General Provisions.” What exactly are “provisions”?

The Latin root of “provision” is providere, which is also the root of “providence.” It means to foresee, to attend to. For a journey, provisions are supplies, food and drink. For an organization, provisions are services and resources. In a legal document, provisions are conditions and requirements.

The self-evident truths of Cheon Il Guk are God, True Parents and a divine architecture.

The provisions of Cheon Il Guk are God, True Parents, and the divine architecture of the nation. These provisions reflect a biblical worldview, our Hebraic root.

God is Creator, Parent and Governor. God is personal, in a parent-child relationship with us. God blesses us, bestows His / Her life, love and lineage into us, and restores us. God designed Cheon Il Guk and establishes it through True Parents and us, its citizens.

True Parents theologically are our common ancestors, absolute and unique, who give us rebirth, resurrection and eternal life through true love; historically are King and Queen of Peace, and governmentally are the font of Cheon Il Guk’s authority over all things, marriage in particular.

The divine architecture consists of sovereignty that emanates from God and True Parents and is realized through citizens who are interdependent, mutually prosperous and united in their values. Together these constitute Cheon Il Guk and make it duty-bound to advance its citizens’ well-being and rights. Here is our Hellenic root.

Then back to Hebraism: the sources of our well-being and rights are the true love of God and Words of True Parents, the basics of which are recorded in three volumes of scripture.

We are not closed; we are open. Love is our connection.

The citizens give voluntarily to build the nation’s public assets, which they shape for the sake of the providence. Assets fulfill the purposes of God and True Parents with civic responsibility.

Korean is our official language, the Palace at HJ Cheonwon is the seat of our government, and we have national emblems—flag, flowers, bird and anthem.  

These summarize our provisions. What will make it work?

The Palace has two promenades, each culminating in a structure composed of semi-circles with twin gaps. I see one semi-circle representing what our True Parents bequeath to us, the other represents our part as citizens, and the gaps as synapses. We are not closed; we are open. Love is our connection. Love will make it work.



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