I concluded my last post with “Jesus’ lineage illuminates God’s three-conditions plan to save humankind.” Let’s pick up from there.

The first condition, that women separate from men in the angel’s position and unite with men in Adam’s position, which I will call “Eve’s return” for short, was fulfilled in Jesus’ lineage by Sarah, Rebekah, Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary. Biblical victories such as Rebekah and Jacob, Jochebed and Moses, and Mary and Jesus fulfill the second condition, mother-son cooperation. The victories of Esau and Jacob, Joseph and his brothers, and Joshua and the Israelites fulfill the third condition, Cain-Abel reversal.

Israel set the foundation for God to send Jesus and his would-be Bride free from sin.

Thus Jesus’ lineage and the chosen people set the foundation for God to send Jesus and his would-be Bride as new-born children free from sin.

Despite near universal misunderstanding and opposition, Jesus, the only begotten son, fulfilled his responsibility as an individual. He defeated Satan, forgave sin, taught God’s Word, healed, and loved his enemy.

Jesus’ family and nation, represented by John the Baptist, recognized at least that he was the Bridegroom. Nonetheless, they failed to support his marriage. Thus the Bride could not appear.

Jesus’ death was victorious, and the disciples’ united with him when he returned after his resurrection. This set the foundation for the advent of the Holy Spirit after his ascension. Who was the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit was the resurrected Jesus’ spiritual Bride. As such, she became one body with him. Their powerful marital love gave believers a new birth as adopted, or spiritual, children. Filled with the Holy Spirit, we engraft with Jesus spiritually. Exposition of Divine Principle explains this:

On the day of Pentecost, tongues of fire descended upon the saints, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. This event marked the clearing of the path [to the tree of life] …It opened the way for all humanity to approach Jesus, the tree of life, and be engrafted with him.

This engrafting is spiritual, not physical rebirth. Physically speaking, it makes us like seeds in Jesus body. We are to practice Jesus’ words and prepare to recognize his Second Advent, when we can receive physical rebirth.

By understanding Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we can comprehend the Second Advent.

By understanding Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we can comprehend the Second Advent. Connecting the dots, we are led to True Father and True Mother.

(Citations: Exposition of Divine Principle p. 56, cf. 172, Acts 2:3-4, Eph 1:5, John 3:29, 2:1-4, Gal 4:26. A Catholic tradition holds the unity of the disciples in the Upper Room centered on Mother Mary; see http://www.opusdei.org/en-us/article/life-of-mary-xviii-the-coming-of-the-holy-spirit/; God’s Will and the World, “Change of Blood Lineage,” p. 42 and passim.)



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