Jesus tried to teach about man woman love, but when his listeners didn’t get it, he spiritualized the message.

Because of Nicodemus’s concept about going into the womb, Jesus spiritualized the message: “spirit gives birth to spirit, and flesh to flesh.” Because the woman at the well did not have the faith to go get her husband, Jesus spiritualized the message: “we worship in spirit and truth.” When the people grumbled about eating his flesh, Jesus spiritualized the message: “the flesh counts for nothing.”

Wait a minute. Adam called Eve, “bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh.” How could Jesus say “the flesh counts for nothing”?

It’s because they wouldn’t let Jesus explain the way of all flesh: man woman love.

When his listeners didn’t get it, Jesus spiritualized the message.

Why did Jesus want to explain man woman love? It is because he wanted to have a wife, show the world true man woman love, and be our flesh and blood parents with her. He wanted to engraft us as their children who have their flesh and blood.

You see, their blood was different. Jesus’ blood, shed on Golgotha, saves us. The thieves’ blood shed on Golgotha does not. The difference between Jesus’ blood and the thieves’ blood was that, as St. Paul taught, a thorn, the devil’s messenger, was in the thieves’ flesh. It was in Paul’s flesh too; it is in every fallen person’s flesh. How does it get there? Through the parents’ man woman love, which Satan claims.

How can God change this? That’s what Jesus wanted to explain. But they wouldn’t let him. They would not let Jesus and his Bride bind their marriage on earth. So it could not be bound in heaven. As a result, Jesus told them that there is no marriage in the resurrection.

Christ was crucified as an individual, and he saves us as individuals, whether male or female. So Paul wrote that in Christ there is neither male nor female. Marriage requires male and female, but in Christ we are neither. In the resurrection, according to Jesus, we are like the angels.

At the Second Advent, male and female appear in Christ.

This changes at the Second Advent. Male and female appear in Christ. The Bride comes down from Heaven for the Wedding of the Lamb.

So how was Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s marriage the prophesied Wedding of the Lamb? And what does that have to do with my marriage? To be continued…

(References: John 3, 4, 6; 2 Cor 12:7; John 8:48; Mt 22:23-33, Lk 20:27-39, Mt 19:10-11, I Cor 7:1-9; Gal 3:28; Rev 19:7-9, 22:17.)



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