The Scandal of a Christ Who Looks Normal


The first question raised by the proclamation that Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s marriage was the prophesied Wedding of the Lamb is: where’s the Holy City coming out of the sky?

Their wedding was humble, impoverished, unnoticed.

But think the birth of Jesus. No room at the inn. No family around. Yes, some spiritual people showed up, but they left soon.

We need to change our concept that no human being can be one with God.”

We easily succumb to the concept that no human being can be one with God. Our reasoning goes: I’m not one with God; therefore, no one who looks like me can be one with God. If it’s the Messiah, he’s going to be really different. He’ll have super powers.

So the myth of Jesus coming on the clouds persists.

When Jesus called Sun Myung Moon to inherit his position and mission, the teenager had to abandon that myth. He did so by realizing some things from the Bible.

Things like:

Jesus returned spiritually to many people, but that was not the Second Coming.

Jesus said he would return with a new name, and like a thief in the night.

The Bible has clouds prophecies, but it does not record that anyone actually came on the clouds.

Jesus said he came down from Heaven, but he didn’t mean it literally.

The Bible has one second coming: Elijah. Jesus testified to it. “You expect Elijah? There he is.” Jesus was pointing to John the Baptist.

It would be so much easier if we had an obvious Messiah! But the new Adam and Eve are just as physical as the first. This is both glorious and tragic. The glory is that if one man and woman can be God’s only-begotten son and daughter, all men and women can. The tragedy comes because this one man and woman, who stand up and say, “we’ve solved it,” actually look like any other man and woman.

” It would be so much easier if we had an obvious Messiah! 

The good in us responds, “Thank God. I want to solve my sin. Please show me the way.” But the evil in us responds, “You haven’t solved anything. You’re no different than me. You’re a fornicator too. You’re a fortune-hunting woman too. Here, I’ll prove it!”

It’s the scandal of a Christ who looks normal.

Now, sober assessment is good. But the fallen world goes to extremes of blind accusation, character assassination, persecution and execution.

Fortunately, God is love.  

(References: Rev. 2:17, Rev. 3:12, Mt 24:43, 1 Thess 5:2, Jn 6:41 ff., Mt 11:14)



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