Jesus said that the Son of Man comes down from Heaven. The Book of Revelation says that the Bride comes down from Heaven. 

The Holy Spirit in the position of the mother finally descended from heaven to earth.

True Father’s words support this radical proclamation: 

“The time having arrived when the True Parents could appear, the Holy Spirit in the position of the mother and Jesus in the position of the father finally descended from heaven to earth and fulfilled the marriage Blessing substantially, as the True Father and True Mother in the flesh. That is what happened in 1960, when True Parents formed their family.”

“Mother is the Holy Spirit.”

“The Holy Spirit, a feminine spirit, must come to the world as an actual woman and cleanse that sin.”

“The Holy Spirit comes in the flesh at the time of the Second Advent. That is the day when the Bride is made ready for the wedding.”

“We should be moved by the mother spirit. Because of Eve, the mother, we were lost; therefore, the perfect mother spirit must come to us and purify our mind and body.”   

This is absolutely true. It sounds miraculous—and it is.

It sounds miraculous, but there is more to the story.

But there is more to the story. Mother once said,

“Since you understand who Father is, all of you may think I am very happy. You may simply think I am perfect in every respect. You may think, ‘Because God created you to be like that, and since from the beginning you were born perfect, you were chosen for the position of True Mother without needing to make any effort of your own.’ Your general view of me might be that since I am married to Father and am the True Mother of the entire cosmos, I must have a happy family and be enjoying my life. This is far from the reality.”

Sending True Mother from heaven was God’s 95%. But just as did True Father, True Mother had to fulfill her 5%, the three conditions, countless times.

I presented how True Father’s course illustrates this path that restores the position of the original ancestors and establishes the True Parents. True Mother’s course does as well. She separated from Satan and returned to the true Adam, won the jealous elder’s heart by love, and cooperated as mother and son.

As I did with True Father’s course, I will give three testimonies as illustrations.

(References: John 6:38ff., Rev 21:2, 10; Chambumo Gyeong, pp. 47, 48, 44, 206-7.)



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