You won your revolution at the Holy Wine Ceremony. Now comes your new nation. The Three Day Ceremony is its inauguration.

This Ceremony is rooted in the creation of the universe. That creation emerged from the interaction of above and below. The above and below are the giver and receiver, the internal nature and external form, the male and female. Your marriage is the archetype. This means you are sexual—just in case you hadn’t noticed.

Now comes your new nation. The Three Day Ceremony is its inauguration.

Sexuality a good thing. God created through the sexuality of above and below, love and beauty, giving, receiving and returning. True Father captured this in the phrase, “absolute sex.”   

The very first thing God created was the above and below. In Genesis 1, above and below unfold in succession: the heavens and the earth, the darkness and the surface of the deep, the Spirit of God and the waters, the water above and under the expanse, the land and the seas, man and all the creatures.

God created Adam by infusing the earth, below, with the breath of life, above. Likewise, He created the second Adam by infusing the below, Mary, with the above, the power of the Most High. At the Jordon River He sent the Spirit from above upon Jesus as he rose from below, out of the water. He recreates by sending the Spirit, like a breath, like the wind, upon us, who are like the waters.

Marriage is a sex-inclusive union of equals.

The creation of the woman was different. In Genesis 2, she came out of the man’s side. Of equal value, they inherited the above-below principle, to embody God who creates from above and below. God the above and the earth below were the parents of Adam. The earth was his womb. Adam named his wife Eve, “the mother of all living.”

True Parents end the bias against the below. They complete the truth that marriage is a sex-inclusive union of equals. God designed man and woman as complimentary opposites and called them to become one, to incarnate the union of above and below that created the universe and now would create children. True love makes the above below and the below above. The above gives and the below receives, and then the below returns life, love and lineage to the above. Through the below, the above is born, and the revolution continues.

The Three Day Ceremony is where you own this.

(References: Luke 1:35; Mark 1:10-11; John 3:5, 20:22, Acts 2:2-4; Gen 3:20.)



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