National Restoration – Episode 02 – Religious Freedom and Civil Religion


National Restoration

In our True Parents Way videos, we’ve been talking about personal and family dynamics with God. But we live in a big world. The amazing thing is, the principles that guide to success in personal wholeness, and in marriage and family, are the same principles that rule nations.

In this video series, we will see that the principles of love between man and woman that need restoration on the personal and family level also apply in very practical ways to the restoration of nations.


  1. Cultures have systematized connecting to the original mind – the reading of sacred texts, quieting the mind through meditation or traditional music, encouraging acts of kindness and service for the sake of others. The trend of world history is gravitating towards a single global belief system that grants religious freedom. Under the single global belief system – freedom to believe in religion ( even no particular religion ) is granted based upon the accomplishment of results : Unity, Justice, Tranquility … to secure the blessing, 4 realms of heart and mutual prosperity for ourselves and Posterity.


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