As he was preparing to depart, True Father counseled the Korean pastors, “You can stand in this position because of a woman.” He added, “Also a woman doesn’t stand here because of herself, but because of a man.” In other words, man and woman need each other. “The reason that you met in this position is because of each other. Without each other this is not possible.”

It’s not simply because I like Mother.”

For this purpose, he said, God designed marriage: “You require a reciprocal foundation. The family is established centering on man and woman, and in a family man and woman must meet and become totally united. …I believe for the sake of my wife and a wife believes for the sake of her husband, and the children believe for the sake of their parents. The Unification Church believes in the four position foundation, that is the three-object purpose.”

Refresher course: “The four position foundation is realized by God, husband and wife, and children; …each of the four positions …takes on three object partners in fulfilling the three object purpose. …It is the fundamental foundation …enabling God to abide in them.”

Twenty-five years later, in America, True Father expanded on this: “[You and your beloved] must reach a point where you can say, ‘You and I are the same being.’ Such a place is where you can have true give and take. At that point you are breathing as one; you enter a new realm of unity. Both your hearts beat as one. The unified world begins from this point.”

This realm of unity transcends time. True Father explained that some relationships can change; they are “destiny.” Others cannot change; they are “fate.” Marriage turns destiny into fate. “The concept of love is absolute and unchangeable. …Man and woman cannot be born as they wish. We have no choice. We can never alter our fate. Marriage is on your line of fate, not just your destiny. Fate is eternal.”

Marriage is on your line of fate, not just your destiny. Fate is eternal. 

“Anyone alone cannot receive salvation. That is why even Father has much interest in Mother. It’s not simply because I like Mother, but from the principle perspective I want to love her more than she loves me… Each spouse has to do like this.”

To fulfill the eternal purposes of God, Jesus said, “What God has joined together, let no one separate.” True Father put it this way: “No one can interfere in that unity.”

(References: “The Way Our Blessed Families Must Go,” pp. 25, 65-67; “My Life’s Fate and Destiny,” True Father, May 26, 1996, Belvedere; Exposition of Divine Principle, p. 25; Mt 19:6.

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