True Father’s address at God’s Enthronement was entitled “God Is Our King.” God’s vertical love appears horizontally in three kingships, of children, parents and grandparents. This is the model for the family and nation.

A vertical act of God calls for horizontal unity in the nation.

True Father said, “Once this perfect family is established, it multiplies and eventually forms a nation. Finally, it reaches to the cosmos and God.” This family multiplication is not just for True Parents: “This is the destiny of each and every individual life. Then as a perfected family [we] become united with the king and entire nation.”

Thus we honor the national king as we honor our family king. We honor them even in their decline. In his autobiography, True Father said “We must not treat old people disrespectfully, no matter how senile they may become.” Their end of life is a vertical act of God that calls for horizontal unity in the nation as in the family. “The official law of God,” True Father said in the Enthronement address, “is simple …the parent-child relationship, the conjugal relationship and the brother-sister relationship. This last one means brothers and sisters in the position of children to the parents; it refers to a relationship among children of the same parents.”

True Father gave specifics about honoring our parents: “From the time of our conception, we have received flesh and blood from our mother. After we were born, united with our mother, we become one with our father. …We have to be totally united with our mother and then come before our father.” The order of father and mother as parents is: “through the mother to the father.” True Father stated this often.

National kingship parallels family kingship.

Inevitably, every family, and every nation that has a monarchy, will be ruled at times by widow or widower. To honor the widowed monarch is to honor the eternal oneness of husband and wife. It is to honor the position of parents itself. True Father applied this on the national level when he called Americans to honor the position of the president itself at the time of Watergate.

National kingship parallels family kingship. If your father dies first, attend your father in spirit world through your mother. If you mother dies first, attend your father on earth as your mother did. Honor the oneness of your parents; do not put them asunder.

(References: “My Life’s Fate and Destiny,” True Father, May 26, 1996, Belvedere; As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, p. 224; “God Is Our King,” True Father, Jan. 13, 2001, published as a booklet by FFWPU America / HSA Publications, p. 31.)

– TH


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