True Father delivered “The Way of Blessed Families” to Korean leaders prior to his departure to America in 1971. In 1991, at UTS, he read it overnight while True Mother delivered her first public speech, to 7,000 women in Japan, inaugurating the Women’s Federation for Peace in Asia. As morning dawned, True Father asked that this message be translated for all blessed couples to read.

Father’s words were deep and honest:

“We must take Eve back. The by-product of the battle for taking back Eve is the persecution and abuse that the Unification Church faces.”

We must implant the model of a heavenly family.

The world will not allow women to become perfect Eve. This is why it persecutes and abuses our movement.

“You have to bear children and unite centering on your children. This is the standard of God’s desire and the standard of parents’ desire. Therefore, it is the duty of you who have families to receive God’s spirit and God’s love, and implant it in the right place.”

Parents practice true love for the sake of implanting it in their children.

“We must become the true ancestor of goodness by implanting the model of a heavenly family.”

Thereby we become a model for all families.

“Inherit the tradition from your forefathers. Properly bequeath that tradition to your descendants. …if we are to subjugate Satan who opposes this will, we must be liberated from the ordinary path as a family. …We must be liberated as a family. Even I haven’t completely liberated myself on the family level. I am in the process of liberation.”

Thirty-eight years later, True Parents achieved peaceful settlement “through the eight stages …of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God.”

How precious this headquarters family palace would be!

True Father called us to do the same, and told us how: “We each have to go through these eight stages. However, without restoration through indemnity, we cannot go through these stages. To complete these stages, your possessions must become God’s. Your blessings have to become those of the Parents, of Adam and Eve.”

True Parents implanted the family ideal on all stages and built the palace. Every family will become a palace when we “create a family environment …to welcome every level of people. Your family will be called the palace of grandparents, the palace of parents, and the palace of children regardless of race. How precious this headquarters family palace would be!”

(References: “The Way Our Blessed Families Must Go,” pp. 47-8, 65, 68; Second Cheon Seong Gyeong 12-4-1:13; 2009.10.08, p. 1355; “My Life’s Fate and Destiny,” True Father, May 26, 1996, Belvedere.)

– TH


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