I was blessed to attend this year’s International Leaders Assembly and fourth anniversary of Foundation Day at HJ Cheonwon. The Organizing Committee provided us lovely printed programs. I usually consider printed programs at best a souvenir, at worst a throw-away item. Neither assessments apply to True Mother’s programs. They contain crafted theological statements.

True Mother’s printed programs contain carefully-written theological statements.

Starting today, I will share their content.  

True Father and True Mother, the only begotten son and daughter of our Heavenly Parent, became the True Parents of humankind through their Holy Wedding. Since the Holy Wedding, our True Parents have, as God’s embodiment, attended the Heavenly Parent and walked the providential course in order to firmly establish our Heavenly Parent’s kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Following the Fall of the first ancestors of humankind, a self-centered culture characterized by war, conflict, antagonism and fighting emerged both in the spirit world and on earth. Human history has thus been the providence to save humankind from this hellish reality.

Through the Marriage Blessing, True Parents established fallen people in the position of children to inherit the true love, true life and true lineage of our Heavenly Parent, and thus brought them salvation.

I’ll comment on this term, “salvation.” We don’t use it much, but True Mother does. It so happens that this month, our Belvedere pastor, Dr. Drissa Kone, asked a question in a youth group leaders training session: “What is salvation?”

One of those leaders, my daughter, asked me for the answer. That caused me to think about it. True Mother is thinking about it too, and her answer is valuable.

True Mother is calling all her children to the frontline of heart.

She tells us that salvation means to inherit the true love, true life and true lineage of our Heavenly Parent in the position of True Parents’ children, through the Marriage Blessing.

I highlight one phrase: “in the position of children.” Our relationship with True Parents is that deep. We are their children. Cain-type, but still their children. Many years ago, True Mother, at an East Garden lunch table, with a smile, pushed her glass of milk across the table to me. I thought, “Mother’s milk.” It was a big glass. Big enough for you too.

Father once said, “If Abel is constrained, Cain can lead the course of restoration through indemnity.” True Mother is calling all her children to the frontline of heart.

(References: Foundation Day printed program, p. 8, “The Providential Significance of the Fourth Anniversary of Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day,” Chambumo Gyeong, p. 297.)

– TH



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