Fallen sex creates fallen people, and fallen people cannot create an unfallen world, not through science, not through religion. In the act of procreation, every man and woman possesses absolute power and, as Edmund Burke put it, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even God, who inspires both science and religion, cannot change this by Himself.

Fallen people cannot create an unfallen world.

The family creates people, and people create culture. The root cause of human events, for better or worse, is not economy or government; it is the family. So when selfishness is embedded in the sexual love that creates families, it is embedded in all that we create.

The experiences that shape humankind’s fundamental character begin in the family from the moment of birth, and even in the womb. Our parents’ care for us plants the seeds of filial piety and filial rebellion. The behavior of our elder siblings toward our parents waters these seeds. We learn sibling harmony and spousal affection, and the opposite, by seeing how our father and mother relate. We shape our character as parents by how we relate as our elder and younger siblings—caring or domineering.

The act of love is where good and evil diverge. We can see this by examining three typically western values: individualism, skepticism and criticism.

Infected by selfishness, individualism sacrifices others for personal benefit. In God’s plan, individualism means taking responsibility to give and grow in service to others.

Self-centeredness turns skepticism into doubt and distrust of parents, traditions and social institutions. In God’s plan, we begin with belief that the world is good and just, and our skepticism is directed toward that which denies this.

With a heart of love, criticism leads to self-reflection and repentance.

Our culture directs criticism toward all ideals and values as masks of power and control. With a heart of selfless love, criticism leads to self-reflection and repentance.

Rooted in True Family Values, individualism, skepticism and criticism lead science and religion toward the service of others. So True Father taught absolute values to scientists and clergy, to bring these disciplines into the realm of God’s heart.

(Reference: http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2015/12/17/1-the-american-family-today/.)

– TH


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