God has a purpose for the family, and when God has a purpose, God creates a model. This model is a picture of what family is supposed to look like, and instructions on how to build it.

This means that family relationships are set by natural and spiritual law, not social convention. Their root is not human reason, law or custom. This is why social strategies, brilliant, scientific and well-funded though they might be, cannot curb the breakdown of families.  

When God has a purpose, God creates a model.

Society does not create families; families create society. Government does not create families; families create government. As Vatican II stated, “The Creator of all things has established the conjugal partnership as the beginning and basis of human society.”

Good families foster sexual purity. With sexual purity, STDs are not a problem, nor are divorce, abortion and illegitimacy. Compared with individuals in any other type of relationship, faithfully married heterosexual couples have greater health, wealth and happiness, less mental illness, less drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, injury and trauma, criminality, the greatest longevity …the list goes on and on.

Therefore, when families break down, society breaks down, and families break down when the people violate God’s design. Therefore, society will advance when we know and practice God’s design.

One man and woman lost it; one man and one woman, True Parents, find it.

Where do we go to find God’s design? One man and one woman lost it; one man and one woman, True Parents, find it and empower all men and women to find it. Rev. and Mrs Sun Myung Moon have established a family model that allows society to enjoy prosperity and creative development without succumbing to sexual immorality. They celebrate external ideals—material prosperity, rights, peace, justice and freedom—for women and men equally, on the foundation of the internal ideals that sustain them: sexual purity and faithful marriage.

But talk is one thing, results are another. Before we explain this God-centered model, let us ask, where is the proof that it really works?

Well, a Catholic sociologist of religion, Father Joseph Fichter, wrote that the Unification Church has “a family program that works … The Unification Church proposes a solution while others wring their hands. … It is a deeply motivated system for restoring marital fidelity and family stability to society.”

That was 1985. What about today?

(References: Fr. Joseph Fichter, The Holy Family of Father Moon [Kansas City, KS: Leaven Press, 1985], p. 73.)

– TH


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