Begotten of God Episode 06 – Infinite Desire, Perfect Satisfaction


Begotten of God

This week’s video, “Infinite Desire, Perfect Satisfaction,” starts with the Divine Principle: “If there had been no Fall, earthly people would be able to relate with spirits just as naturally as they relate among themselves.” Spiritual growth comes through engagement with people on earth, the source of vitality elements. Even as we enjoy the celestial realms, we will have roots of love on the earth. It will be as amazing on earth as it is in heaven.


About Begotten of God

Each of us is begotten by the power of three: a man, a woman, and God. There is no power other than that of God that, through a man and woman, can beget a human being. But the power of God is both physical and spiritual. Physical power comes by natural law. Spiritual power depends on our choices. That is what this series is about.


  1. Dr. Hendricks

    Thank you for an extraordinary explanation on continuous growth , returning exaltation and infinite value … on the earth and in the spiritual world. It’s remarkable that your ongoing video insights continue to amaze.


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