Rev. Moon told us that “Whenever the perfect bride is prepared, the perfect bridegroom will inevitably come.” Two thousand years ago, Israel was that bride, and Jesus was born on Christmas Day, predestined to be the bridegroom. But the bride fell away. The world did not know True Parents until the perfect bride appeared. The promise of Christmas—Peace on Earth, Good Will towards Men—was left hanging then, but has been fulfilled today.

The podcast ministry of True Parents Way, features Pastor Ruth and Dr. Tyler sharing Father Moon’s words and principles about marriage, family, religion, politics and society.

Its mission is to build God-centered marriages and families across barriers of race and religion, to make marriage and family the home of God, to resurrect and exalt man-woman love, and to grow our hearts for God, for our communities, and for the world.

Click HERE or go to the Podcast tab in the menu to listen to all episodes.

Team TPW


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