The Principle states that government should model itself on “a perfect individual.” The individual possesses six functions. The body 1. follows laws and has 2. internal information systems and 3. control mechanisms by which 4. to obtain, distribute and dispose of energy and 5. to act upon its world. The mind 6. decides what actions to take. Cheon Il Guk’s government has the same six functions.


  1. I deeply appreciate these videos, but I often have difficulty finding the correct ‘next’ video in the series. This may be ONLY my problem, or a glitch in the website.

  2. Correction.

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    With respect.

    Should a church be promoting some different form of government at all?

    Especially as specifically as this site seems to?

    We have laws in our modern democracy to uphold the separation of church and state.

    They exist for a good reason. To protect individual liberty and religious privacy.

    Shouldn’t we be teaching young people to respect these laws?

    Thank you for your consideration.


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