In 2017, one woman organized a rally of 80,000 in Seoul for the reunification of Korea. Her message was all theology, and with her on stage were leaders of the world’s religions.

Is it surprising to gather religious leaders for the sake of political unity? Not at all. The woman leader was our True Mother, and she was fulfilling True Father’s words:  

Is it surprising to gather religious leaders for the sake of political unity?

“It will not be long now before we see the unity of all the world’s major religions. Neither will it be long before the Unification of the Korean Peninsula is accomplished. In fact, these two goals represent the reason women from seventy countries …have gathered today …under the presidency of Mrs. Moon.”

True Father elaborated at an interreligious assembly at the United Nations: “One of the primary factors contributing to [war] is the deep-rooted disharmony that exists among the world’s religions. …[therefore], International organizations whose purpose is to support the ideal of world peace [must] reconsider their relationship with the great religious traditions of the world.”

This is because “Religion lies at the heart of most national and cultural identities …religious faith and devotion have far greater importance in most peoples’ hearts than do political loyalties.”

For this cause, True Father proposed that the UN adopt a bicameral structure with “an interreligious assembly to serve as a senate or council. …I propose that each nation …send a religious ambassador …to serve as a member of the religious assembly, or UN senate.”

These ambassadors would “have the training and ability to teach a universal, transnational ideal of peace.” They would serve as interreligious ambassadors to guide “UN-sponsored projects in health, education, welfare and other fields. I have worked with many groups and organizations to educate people around the world about the meaning and value of true love and true families.”

Korean reunification stands as the gateway to realizing the ideal world.

Two years later, True Father referred to this upper house as “a body of renowned spiritual leaders from around the world with final decision-making authority that transcends nation, race, and religion, to lead the way in building a world of peace.”

True Mother explained that “Korean reunification stands as the gateway to realizing the ideal world.” As True Father said at the Women’s Federation inauguration, “The key to …world unity lies in the unification of the Korean peninsula.”

Sounds like a project for the UN’s upper house.

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