Adam realized he was lonely when he encountered a woman-shaped hole in his heart. Why was it there? It is God’s design that two become one, two parts fit together into one whole for both form and function. Hence, man and woman are complementary. Each possesses something the other misses.  

Man-woman oneness embodies—and enables—the oneness of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

Man-woman oneness means, in Father’s words, “one heart, one body, one mindset, one harmony.” It embodies—and enables—the oneness of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

Therefore, in True Father’s words, “The reason for your birth as a woman or a man is to join your partner. …Woman and man are each composed of yin and yang. …yin and yang are called characteristics of sung sang or internal nature and hyung sang or external form. …Yin and yang are characteristics that allow us to receive our internal nature and external form. God set up yin and yang as independent characteristics because of love.”

“God exists with dual characteristics as well,” True Father continues. “God can exist eternally because these two characteristics are forming give and take action with each other centering on love. God’s love is absolute because His characteristics are completely dominated by love. …only love can make perfect dominion possible.”

“Independence because of love” means that Adam was to honor Eve’s personhood, not just see her as the solution to his loneliness. The true solution to his loneliness was not Eve. It was his achieving the first blessing.

Here’s how Exposition of Divine Principle describes Adam’s growing period: “First, Adam should have established the foundation of faith …to keep strictly to God’s commandment not to eat of the fruit.” Adam’s foundation of faith would have accomplished the child’s realm of heart as the Son of God. His dominion over his body was to include dominion over the angels.

Adam was to sacrifice himself for Eve as a true elder brother.

“The second condition …was to establish the foundation of substance.” The foundation of substance involves siblings, first and second born. Eve, the second born, was his Abel, with whom to accomplish the foundation of substance, the sibling realm of heart.

Adam was to sacrifice himself for Eve as a true elder brother, embodying Heavenly Father’s parental heart, and support her achievement of the first blessing. Only then was he qualified to love Eve as his spouse.

Eve also had to accomplish the foundations of faith and substance. Now the drama begins.

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