The perfected Adam and Eve are rulers and the center of harmony of the physical and spiritual worlds. It begins with Adam’s dominion over the angels, for “Adam was to have been the ruler of the archangel.”

The three archangels should attend Adam and Eve for three years.

“The three archangels should attend Adam and Eve for three years, in such total unity that they would sacrifice everything to see the day of [their] Blessing. When that three-year period is over, Adam should receive God’s approval and say to the archangels, with God’s heart, ‘Please let me receive the Blessing with my spouse-to-be, since I have grown to maturity.’”

Then “God will arrive and conduct the marriage ceremony” and the angels will create “an atmosphere of glory …and [live] happily with Adam and Eve in God’s love.”

Angelic happiness would only increase, for “following the marriage of Adam and Eve, the archangels could have been given permission to marry.”

The necessary condition was the couple’s foundation of substance, for which an elder-younger reversal was necessary. “Cain was born before Abel, and Cain has certain elements of evil by which he opposes Abel. By the same token, the archangel was born before Adam.” Evil elements or not, the archangel had to submit to Adam. He helped create Adam, but had to unite with the Principle that “the original order of love begins with God, goes to Adam, and then to the archangel.” 

The second-born, Adam, is predestined to dominate the first-born archangels by love. Adam is to realize and incarnate the creative genius of the angels and of their Creator, as well as their ability to serve. Once Adam bows to God and wins the angels, they in turn bow to him. Yes, True Father said, “even God would follow Adam.” This is Adam’s foundation of substance, his foundation to rule spirit world.

Yes, True Father said, “even God would follow Adam.”

The second-born, Eve, is to predestined dominate the first-born Adam by love. She is to incarnate the beauty, joy and fecundity of all things and of their Creator. Once Eve bows to God and to Adam, becoming “God’s queen and His external incarnation,” they in turn bow to her. This is Eve’s foundation of substance, her foundation to rule the physical world.

God begins His peaceful and joyful rest with the Lord and Lady of the Sabbath.

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