On June 12, 1999, True Father declared, “Mother established the condition through the 80-city speaking tour to make even Satan surrender to God, True Parents and humankind.” Four days later, he presented a plaque to True Mother, declaring:

“You are the fruit of the history of the providence of restoration who came to earth with the mission of True Mother of humankind. Looking only upon Heaven, you won a victory over the suffering course of the providence of restoration and established the eternal tradition with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. After True Parents’ holy wedding in 1960, you completed the mission of true child before Heaven, the mission of true wife before your husband, and the mission of true parent before your children.”

You are the fruit of the history of the providence of restoration.

Ten days later, he elaborated: “Throughout history the Eves of three ages sacrificed the Adams from those ages. But at this time Mother set the conditions to qualify as the Mother of three ages.” Let us consider the meaning of this.

Eve sacrificed Adam by using her body to seduce him, killing him spiritually for her selfish purposes. Women throughout history replicated this sin—think of the “great prostitute,” with whom “the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.” To qualify as “the Mother of three ages,” True Mother vanquished the great prostitute; she overcame the entirety of Eve’s sin throughout history.

Therefore, True Father concluded, “She rose to the position where she could receive Heaven’s blessing on an equal footing with Father.”

True Parents opened horizons that we had never imagined or expected.

Thus True Mother fulfilled John the Baptist’s mission “to bring the perfected Adam to the world,” given her in 1977. She came to stand as True Father’s equal before God and humankind. Four years later, True Father reiterated this: “I held a public ceremony to recognize True Mother’s achievement. She is worthy of recognition by both the Unification Church and the Creator. You have to say, ‘There is our Mother! She is the same as Father!’ I have been the right side of God, but now I have set up Mother as the left side of God.’”

Then through True Mother, True Parents are opening horizons of God’s providence that we had never imagined or expected. In oneness of Heaven and Earth, they will continue to do so, as the Age of the Wife unfolds.

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