True Father knew that Hak Ja Han met five qualifications when he called her to be his wife. We have covered the first four. The fifth is, “God selects first the individual who lives in a time and place most fitting to His need.”

God selects a time and place most fitting to His need.

I used to assume this is trivial, but it’s not. It has profound meaning for us all. God works within time and space through the Holy Spirit.

History records that “True Mother met True Father for the first time at the early age of 13 in March 1956, when she was taken to the former headquarters church by Daemonim right after her graduation from Bongeui Elementary School in Chuncheon.”

In that one time and place among the infinite, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, the young daughter of a new follower, met. By their love of God, the Holy Spirit descended upon that meeting. That moment bent the arc of history.

We don’t realize the importance of each moment.

True Father said, “The problem is the one single moment. …Therefore, keep the moment. I am telling you to watch the present.”

True Father was fully present in the moment. Thus the Holy Spirit accompanied his every thought, word and act, no matter how mundane. The Holy Spirit was fully present in Hak Ja Han when she was introduced to him.

“The problem is the present,” True Father said. “Those who ignore the present are those who ignore the eternal world of the victorious God.

“What we call this moment right now is the point where eternity is judged. We are standing on a course of life where that kind of moment continuously happens. When we know that, we live seriously. We are indeed risking our lives in everything we do.

“Even right this moment, we are standing in a position where we must form a …foundation …for world restoration to God.

Keep the moment. Keep now.

“Keep the moment. Keep now. …You must have this consciousness when you wake up and when you go to sleep. …Keep the moment, even when you put on your shoes, when you play, when you rest and when you go to bed. You must know how valuable this moment is.”

God created the fitting time and place for True Parents to meet. Fully invested in the moment, in the light of the Holy Spirit, they met.

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