Welcome to True Parents Way


    Welcome to True Parents Way!

    True Parents Way is what we used to call internal guidance, messaged for the world.

    The Principle of True Parents has changed the world. Its impact will unfold over the years and decades. I’m grateful to be in a position to talk and write about it, to quench the growing thirst for True Parents’ teachings.

    “Thank you Dr. Hendricks for your lectures and speeches about Divine Principle and True Parents. Please continue to be a voice for our brothers and sisters in this world about our precious True Parents.” CP, USA

    “I do really find your videos and theological research valuable.” SB, Arizona

    “The ‘Victorious Gospel of True Parents’ should be a course everyone should be able to take, directly from you or from the UTS, without any prerequisites, and maybe in stages depending on how much is already understood.” RM, California

    “Thank you so much for sharing the essay. Just read through and realized again that we have such a great privilege, and I am so grateful to True Parents. If you don’t mind, can I share your essay with my friends? Thank you for the clear explanation!” DN, Korea

    True Father said he would not be understood until after he went to spirit world. Now True Mother is creating the environment that Father expected. She said that everything about Father’s life and teachings should be made known.

    We will understand more and more how True Parents are the rock of salvation, the unity of religions, the purity of marriage, the revolution of culture, the peace of nations, the sacrifice of history, and the liberation of God’s heart for every one of us.

    Families, now is the time to define who we are, what we believe, whom we follow, and what we have to give the world.

    This is trueparentsway.com.


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