In True Family Values we explained God’s ideal of marriage and family. We explored the Fall and the need for true parental love. Then we said we need to rededicate our marriages to receive the Blessing of God.

We never connected the dots to True Parents. We never explained why we need True Parents, how that came to be, and why there is no other way to God’s perfect love.

In this blog series I will connect the dots.  

The Blessing comes only through True Parents.”

The apostle John said, “now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him.”

Then at the end of Revelation, John said Christ will appear in a marriage. This takes us back to the Bible’s beginning.

Genesis 1:27 shows that God designed man and woman for marriage. God’s image is male and female, a man and a woman. Since God is One, God’s image is a man and a woman in oneness.

True Father said some amazing things about this. “If a couple is truly one in heart, when they go to the spirit world, the man can become the woman and the woman can become the man at any time. If you look into a woman, there is something of a man inside, and when you look into a man, there is something of a woman inside. It is very much the same as God’s dual characteristics.”

“Based on that love, God harmonizes with human beings, and human beings become one with Him through love. In other words, they become God-like. When the divided dual characteristics of God are completely united as one through love, you will see when you go to the spirit world that two people are joined as one.”

At the end of Revelation, John said Christ will appear in a marriage.

“When you go to the spirit world, you will see that there is not only the Heavenly Father but the Heavenly Mother. Can a living being come to exist without both a mother and father? Just like that mother and father, behind Adam and Eve you can find God, who has been divided and then united as one. That is why the way to Heaven comes through the mother as well as the father.”

The oneness of man and woman happens in marriage. We’ll talk about Adam and Eve’s on Monday.

[Citations: 1 John 3:2; Rev. 19:7-9, 21 passim, 22:17; Second Cheon Seong Gyeong, pp. 718-9.]



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