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God’s actions are neither arbitrary nor random. He will claim what human beings indemnify. Satan will not surrender otherwise. Obedient to the Principle, God works with us to send the Messiah based on the conditions we set to separate from and subjugate Satan. God works with faithful, grateful and obedient people, such as Noah and Abraham. He guides them and their families to fulfill the three conditions lost by Adam and Eve and their family.

The condition of an Eve-like woman rejecting the angelic world and returning to an Adam-like man. The condition of mother-son cooperation, even against the father’s wishes. The condition of elder and younger siblings reversing positions by love.

God’s actions are neither arbitrary nor random.

Israel fulfilled these conditions as a family in the generations from Abraham and Sarah to Judah and Tamar, and as a nation in the generations from David and Bathsheba to Zechariah and Mary. The failure of Hyo Jeong before Jesus, by family, religion and nation, allowed Satan to claim Israel’s conditions.

Christians began all over again based upon God’s sacrificial offering of Jesus, his resurrection, and the advent of the Holy Spirit. Christianity restored the three conditions as an empire in the generations from Paul to Theodosius, and world in the generations from Charlemagne to the Treaty of Versailles and Korean independence movement.

Between 1945 and the mid-fifties, the failure of Hyo Jeong before Sun Myung Moon by family, religion, nation and world allowed Satan to claim Christianity’s conditions. Through God’s sacrificial offering of Sun Myung Moon, his resurrections, and the advent of the Bride, Hak Ja Han, the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity restored the conditions.

Each blessed couple consummates human history.

This forty-year course led to the launch of the Women’s Federation, which birthed the Family Federation and ushered in the Holy Marriage Blessings engrafting all nations, races and religions, including the spirit world. This culminated in the proclamation of the Word and bestowal of the Blessing in 180 nations by the three-generation True Family and clergy of all religions.

This is the macro-narrative. But the providence is a fractal: the character of each part replicates the character of the whole. That character’s essence is the restoration of the three conditions.

The sacrament of the Holy Marriage Blessing is that same restoration. Through it, each blessed couple consummates human history.

Then starts the new history.



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