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Two Remained Two

This week’s podcast is about the Fall from the biblical perspective. Genesis 2:24 calls the two, man and woman, to become one. The Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge, representing the man and woman in the Garden, should have become one. Desecration of the Tree of Knowledge blocked the path to the Tree of Life, and the two remained two.

Exposition of Divine Principle explains how this is restored. Here are two interesting passages:

“God promised that He would personally appear above the mercy seat, between the cherubim, and there He would give guidance to the Israelites. This foreshadowed that when Jesus and his Bride, symbolized by the tablets of stone, come and cleanse the people’s sins, God would appear over the mercy seat and open a path between the cherubim which had blocked the way to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden. Everyone would then be able to come before Jesus, the tree of life, and receive the fullness of God’s Word.”

“Ever since God blocked Adam’s path to the tree of life by guarding it with the flaming sword, the tree could not be approached without first clearing the path. On the day of Pentecost, tongues of fire descended upon the saints, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. This event marked the clearing of the path and the moving aside of the flaming sword, which appeared as the tongues of fire preceding the rush of the Holy Spirit. It opened the way for all humanity to approach Jesus, the tree of life, and be engrafted with him.”

Honoring the Tree of Knowledge opens the path to the Tree of Life, and two becoming one. The podcast concludes with some points about how this takes place through the process of the Holy Marriage Blessing, specifically the 40 day separation and the indemnity ceremony.

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