All people desire the blessings of personal wholeness, a happy marriage with happy children and grandchildren, and a peaceful life amid nature’s abundance. Good news: There is a way for people of every religion or no religion to fulfill these desires. It’s called the Blessing.

In “The Way” series, I am explaining why. Here’s a recap:

The Blessing fulfills the desires of all people, of every religion or no religion.

God created us to receive these blessings by fulfilling three responsibilities. Adam and Eve failed in this, and the three responsibilities turned into three indemnity conditions.

The conditions are an Eve-like woman rejecting the angelic world and returning to an Adam-like man, mother-son cooperation, and elder and younger siblings reversing positions by love.

Israel set these conditions and brought forth the birth of Jesus and his would-be Bride.

The foundation was lost when Israel rejected Jesus, but the resurrected Jesus and Holy Spirit rebuilt the foundation spiritually in preparation for the Second Advent.

The new foundation was lost when Christianity rejected True Father, but True Father rebuilt it substantially, received the Bride and, with her, inaugurated the Holy Marriage Blessing.

Through the Blessing, on the foundation of True Parents, we fulfill the three conditions through lesser indemnity. Jesus’ parable explains the meaning of lesser indemnity. It is as when a creditor accepts a repentant debtor’s small payment to cover the entire debt. What Jesus achieved through the cross, what True Parents won through perpetual death and resurrection, we receive sacramentally. The authority of the Blessing remits sin. We are liberated from Satan’s accusation.

We enter their realm of Blessing, free from Satan’s accusation.

True Parents taught this everywhere, for example, to an audience including members of the US Congress in our Capitol building:

“The returning Messiah, who comes as True Parents, should give rebirth through true love to humankind, whose blood lineage was defiled by the original sin. When viewed from this perspective, the International Blessing Ceremonies are not conducted simply to bring young men and women together as husbands and wives. In fact, they are holy ceremonies in which people are reborn as God’s true children through the original seed of life from God.”

The Blessing has six steps. Through them we fulfill, or pledge before God and each other to fulfill, Adam and Eve’s three essential responsibilities and religion’s three indemnity conditions.

The next posts of “The Way” will outline these six steps.

(References: Mt 18:21-35; “The Cosmos is My Hometown and Fatherland,” February 2, 2000.)



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