The first step of the Blessing is the Holy Wine Ceremony. Centering on True Parents, both called and victorious, you fulfill three indemnity conditions that reverse the Fall. In them you change your lineage and erase the original sin.

“The Bridegroom embodies the seed, the Word of God.

Elder-younger reversal: As a couple you cleanse any impurity and deepen your relationship with God and each other. You work with a mentor, a blessed person or couple, to gain understanding and set conditions. Representing True Parents, they forgive you and open the door to a new life.  

That puts you where Adam and Eve were as they approached the moment of the Blessing. At that moment they fell, entered Satan’s lineage and inherited original sin. At this moment you can remove the original sin and be reborn into God’s lineage. How does that happen?  

Cain-Abel, mother-son: By natural law we are born from a seed in the womb. When Israel murmured against Moses, he cried to God, “Did I conceive this people? Do I have flesh to give this people?” Moses did not, but the Messiah does. The Bible teaches that the Bridegroom embodies the seed that gives birth, the Word of God.

You receive it through God’s love that makes us one lineage. The fiancée receives the seed in the position of a wife; the fiancé receives it in the position of a son. For the fiancée, it’s Cain-Abel between her and True Mother. For the fiancé, it’s mother-son with his wife.

With no Bride, Jesus could not forgive the original sin.

To be born again, Nicodemus realized he had to go into his mother’s womb. But Jesus had no Bride, there was no mother. Therefore, Jesus had no condition to change our lineage. Jesus set the condition to do so, however, by conducting the Last Supper for the forgiveness of sins.

In True Father words, “The Holy Wine Ceremony has a significance similar to the Eucharist… Jesus said that one must eat and drink the bread which symbolizes his body and the wine which symbolizes his blood.” But with no Bride, Jesus could not forgive the original sin. As a solitary Bridegroom, Jesus had to offer his body as his Bride’s representative.

By God’s providence we have True Parents. Through the Bridegroom and Bride, the Holy Wine Ceremony “is the ceremony which can cleanse the original sin by receiving parents’ love.”

The next post explores further True Mother’s role in the Holy Wine Ceremony.    

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