Satan, the accuser, will challenge your Blessing, just as he challenged Job. Who doesn’t love blessings? “Does Job fear God for nothing?” Satan asked God, “Strike everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face.” How do you react when God strikes your Blessing? You offer it. You release it from sin and selfishness. It doesn’t belong to you; your Blessing belongs to the One from whom it was received—God and your parents.

The Holy Wedding is your couple’s living offering.

By offering it, you own it. Ownership is rooted in creation. What you create, you own. You did not create your Blessing. God and your parents did. To own what someone else created, you exchange something of equal value. Jesus asked, “What can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” The whole world is not enough. To own the Blessing, you offer the Blessing.  

But ultimately you offer your Blessing not to remove accusation, not to gain ownership, but because you love your parents and want to share your joy with them. It is the way of true children.

Your offering has an external dimension: money. Money represents the first fruits of your labor, your life sustenance, your living. Given with sincere devotion, God receives your small Blessing offering as a representing your entire being.  

Your vow is your first internal offering. I compare it to what happened to Peter after his confession of faith. On Peter’s confession, Jesus proclaimed him the rock upon which he would build his church. On your vow, True Parents proclaim you a blessed central family.

When True Parents proclaim, your responsibility appears.

When Jesus proclaimed, Peter’s responsibility appeared. When True Parents proclaim, your responsibility appears.  

Peter had times of failure, and so will your couple. But Jesus forgave him, and Peter became a world-historical apostle. So will your couple.

The Catholic Mass concludes with a sending forth, “Ite, missa est.” This is the root of the term, “Mass.” Your mass wedding concludes with a sending forth. Upon receiving the Blessing, Father said, “you must go forward realizing that your body is not your body. You must move forward with the heart that you are in the position of an offering.”

You bow in four directions, offering your union to the earth. You cheer with hands upraised, offering your union to heaven. Then, as a new couple, you go forth.

(References: Job 1:9-11; Mt 16:26; Blessing and Ideal Family 1993 p. 322.)



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