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A new Podcast Episode of Blessing Podcast is now Live!

Salvation Through Marriage

This week’s podcast is about the salvation of marriage and salvation through marriage.

Why does marriage need to be saved? Is marriage sinful? French philosophe J. J. Rousseau said that children are born pure and it is society that corrupts them. He was right when we consider that marriage is a social event. Christianity says that children are born corrupt. It’s right, but offers no solution except, don’t get married. Divine Principle shows the way forward.

If we, as Principle argues, are born sinful through marriage, then we can be saved through marriage. And that’s the purpose of the Blessing.

All this with musical clips from Ronin Hardiman, David Eaton, Oasis, Hyo Jin Moon, Gandalf Murphy and Hillsong.

Blessing Podcast is a weekly discussion of issues related to marriage, family, religion, politics and society. It includes content from the Holy Marriage Blessing radio ministry, hosted by Tyler Hendricks and Ruth Muanda, as well as audio recordings of TPW blog and video materials.

We build
God-centered marriages and families, cross barriers of race and religion, and celebrate the coming of heaven.
We uplift true family values that make marriage the home of God, and the family the school of peace.
We resurrect man woman love, the gateway to everlasting joy on earth and in heaven.
We grow our heart for God, for the world, and for our family, to make our love last for generations.

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Thank you and go in peace!

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