In his guidance to his pastors preceding his 1971 departure from Korea, True Father’s words on mind and body were a foundation to talk about husband and wife.

Mind-body unity means that we have advanced beyond the level of an archangel: “Our mind has a reciprocal base with the mind of an archangel. …The other subject partner of our mind is God, who is in the highest position. Because our mind can become one with Him in a reciprocal relationship, we can reach a higher level than the level of an archangel.”

When you receive the Holy Spirit, evil automatically leaves.

What happens then is all-important: “The history of a new creation will begin to unfold. When the perfected enters, the unperfected automatically leaves. It is the same as the darkness leaving when the light enters. When you receive the Holy Spirit or God’s grace, then even if you don’t tell the evil that has been attached to your body to leave, it automatically leaves.”

Thus, when a man’s mind becomes one with God, when he goes beyond the angelic sphere and establishes true subjectivity, it is not just light and grace that appear: an object partner appears. “Universal law states that a perfected object partner must appear upon the appearance of a perfected subject partner.”

What is this perfected object partner? It is the Holy Spirit. “You receive the Holy Spirit or God’s grace…When one receives grace, Satan leaves. When the Holy Spirit enters, Satan leaves.”

The Book of Revelation reveals that the Holy Spirit comes as the Bride at the Second Advent. True Father went one step further: that Bride is your wife. “Your wife is a holy being who has now appeared in front of you as a representative fruit of the feminine image of three ages; therefore, you must be grateful to Heavenly Father.”

You can stand in this position because of a woman.

To these pastors, True Father said, “Because of whom are you standing on this incredible position to receive a foundation? It is because of your wife …You’re not standing in a position because of your merit. You can stand in this position because of a woman.

True Father did not idolize women, nor was he free from battles on the family level. “What should the coming Messiah do?” he said. “Some might think I am talking about my own family, but we are all heading toward that ideal family.”

(References: “The Way Our Blessed Families Should Go,” pp. 16-18, 64-65, 69; Rev. 19-22.)

– TH


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