Divine Principle views human beings as the mediators and center of harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds, and describes many outcomes of this relationship.

One is resurrection, a “process through which a fallen person is restored to the original state as intended by God.” Rebirth through encounter with the Holy Spirit punctuates this process: “One who has been reborn through the Holy Spirit surely has experienced resurrection.”

One who has been reborn through the Holy Spirit surely has experienced resurrection.

Another is the completion of missions. For example, Adam returned through Jesus, Elijah through John the Baptist, and Jesus through the Lord at the Second Advent. These individuals returned in order to “[complete] their unaccomplished responsibility through cooperation with [the earthly person].” In fact, all of us who fall short of perfection return to complete our growth through people on earth with whom we share a common base.

Beyond restoration, the resonating engagement of heaven and earth is part of the original creation. As Divine Principle explains, “The corporeal world cannot manifest its true value apart from a relationship with the incorporeal world.” Perfected spirits totally engage with people on Earth, for mutual joy and empowerment:

“Spirits …pour spiritual fire on earthly people and give them the power to heal diseases. They help people enter states of trance and perceive the realities of the spirit world. They give people revelations and the gift of prophecy. They can also give deep inspiration to the soul.” The earthly person will “undergo many positive changes in their physical self; they feel infinite joy and new strength welling up in them. …spiritual realities resonate through the [earthly person’s] body and manifest themselves as physiological phenomena.”

One physiological outcome of spiritual-physical resonance is the multiplication of human spirits.

One physiological outcome of this spiritual-physical resonance is “the multiplication of human spirits [that] takes place at the same time that the multiplication of physical selves occurs: during earthly life.”  

The moment during earthly life in which this takes place is sexual intercourse. The ultimate physiological phenomenon is the creation of a child.

Now we can start to connect the dots to our topic: begotten of God.

(References: Exposition of Divine Principle Resurrection 1.4, 2.1, 2.3.1, Creation 6.1, 6.3.2)

– TH


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