All blessed couples are to become seed and womb of God’s kingdom.  


“To be owners you must unite your mind and body together as one. You must become a seed of True Parents. How does a seed go forward? Does it go up first or go down? It goes down into the fertilizer and then sprouts into a beautiful creation. This is the process: by going down and sacrificing we actually lay the foundation for prosperity.”

Blessed couples are to become seed and womb of God’s kingdom.

This requires sexual abstinence and blessed marriage: “In the Unification Church, people keep chastity until they become sixteen, twenty or even thirty. You should be better than Adam and Eve. …You must create virginal purity, pure blood lineage, and pure-love families.”

This comes in three stages. “The first stage of new life is in the mother’s womb; this means rebirth through the Blessing.” We then grow through a second stage, “our growth in the physical world,” which is a period of indemnity and re-creation, and then a third stage in “heaven in the spirit world.” True Father summarizes: “Rebirth by holy wine is the formation stage. The growth stage is the restoration process. The completion stage is eternal life.”

You have to attend the three generations of parents.


True Father explained that, providentially, “We are now in the mother’s womb stage worldwide. The infants receive the holy wine, as do the children. Ideally, we receive it in the womb.” Thus the significance of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, “the mother’s womb stage worldwide,” and why True Mother constantly shares her mission to save the world’s 7.4 billion people.

True Parents’ final hope is that their children themselves become True Parents. To do so, “With God and True Parents as the vertical center, you have to attend the three generations of parents at the point where the vertical and horizontal connect.” Our second generation too need the period of indemnity and re-creation: “if there is no external persecution, True Parents and your parents will persecute you. This is because you are to drive in roots that cannot be pulled out. You have to do it with love.”

I conclude this series with True Father’s words: “The question is, what are you going to do with your life after I am gone? You know me; you heard me; this and that are true. But again, my question is, ‘What are you going to do after I am gone?’”

(References: “What is Cheon Il Guk?” January 31, 2003,; Chambumo Gyeong p. 652; Registration of Births and Marriages, March 10, 2003; “Cutting Off Satan’s Lineage, Which Is the Origin of this Most Evil World,” Belvedere International Training Center, December 1, 1997; “What is Cheon Il Guk?” January 31, 2003,; Chambumo Gyeong 353, 355, 539, 568. Note: True Father said that the family kingdom will form naturally where there is a tribal kingdom. To help us build tribes, next week True Parents Way will begin the True Family Values curriculum at an introductory level.)  

– TH


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