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Today’s podcast is a lesson for new students about Jesus’ resurrection.
We all have our crosses to bear everyday

Today’s podcast presents the importance of having God’s model of health for marriage and family. Physical health means that all the body’s systems are working together in harmony and balance, functioning as they were designed to. Planetary health means that all components of the ecosystem are functioning as they were designed to. Marital and family health means that husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters are functioning as what? As they were designed to! Today’s sound track goes back to the 60s, the peak of harmony and balance by the Beach Boys and Beatles.

Our image is from the Applied Unificationism blog: https://appliedunificationism.com/2017/04/03/the-real-four-position-foundation-as-discovered-in-theoretical-particle-physics/.  

True Parents Way Podcast is a weekly discussion of issues related to marriage, family, religion, politics and society. It includes content from the Holy Marriage Blessing radio ministry, hosted by Tyler Hendricks and Ruth Muanda, as well as audio recordings of TPW blog and video materials.

We build
God-centered marriages and families, cross barriers of race and religion, and celebrate the coming of heaven.
We uplift true family values that make marriage the home of God, and the family the school of peace.
We resurrect man woman love, the gateway to everlasting joy on earth and in heaven.
We grow our heart for God, for the world, and for our family, to make our love last for generations.

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Thank you and go in peace!

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  1. In the diagram on quantum theory, the four forces , gravitation, electromagnetism, strong, weak … and the additional force of life (heart) are presented as a four position foundation. In Chinese philosophy, the Principle of Reciprocity is Substance, its Function are the five cardinal relationships or five pillars – king, minister, parent, child, friend. It is shared with the Yang-Yin ( male / female ) harmony of Taoism. Peace, joy, equanimity and kindness is the Noble Way. Altogether, it is the True Parent way of filial piety (hyo-jeong) … the mandates of the heavenly way.


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