Jesus did not address God as our Accountant in Heaven, our Professor in Heaven, or our Attorney in Heaven. He addressed God as our Father in Heaven—not “my,” but “our” Father. Jesus brought God into the family.

In fact, the goal of the entire Bible is to bring God to dwell where we dwell. “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them.” What will attract God to dwell with us? Love. And where is greatest love? Not the halls of Congress. Not the corporate headquarters. In the family. As God told Moses: “… what I am commanding you … is not up in heaven … nor is it beyond the sea … the word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart….”

God wants to dwell in the love of opposites: husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters.

God wants to live at home with us, where we are intimate and respectful, affectionate and responsible. He wants to dwell in the love of opposites: husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters. In God’s kingdom, pair relationships between opposite partners are the template for the world.

Modern culture tries to dissolve male and female into a social soup of sameness, calling it “equality.” But male and female are distinct and opposite characteristics of God. And what is it that is totally opposite? True Father called it the convex and concave. That which makes a man, man, and a woman, woman.

Immature people fear the gap between man and woman. Selfish people exploit the gap. Only true love, living for others, bridges the gap, makes the two into one. The coincidentia oppositorum, the unity of opposites, will balance the world. It is the secret of joy—the joy of opposites.

The desire to enter a greater whole propels men and women toward each other.

The desire to enter that greater whole propels men and women toward each other. When the opposites unite, the whole they create is greater than the sum of the parts. That greater whole is the family, the tribe, the nation and the world.

God’s design on every scale is based on the family template. The four realms of heart inform everything God creates, from family to kingdom, on earth and in heaven. God is the One who creates greater things. God’s purpose makes marriage self-generating and future-oriented. Heaven on earth will magnify the husband-wife, parent-child and brother-sister love found in every family.

(References: Rev. 21:3; Deut 30:11-14; John 14:12. The term, coincidentia oppositorum comes from Nicholas of Cusa, a 15th German philosopher. It represents that the existence or identity of a thing or situation arises from two conditions that are opposite to each other, yet dependent on each other and presupposing each other. Nicholas, a Catholic, called the relationship “tension.” Marx, a materialist, called it “struggle.” To Plato and Jonathan Edwards, it is the essence of beauty and goodness. See Edwards, The Nature of True Virtue. To scientists, it is ecology. In True Family Values, it is joy.)


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