By what power did our True Mother fill Madison Square Garden? It was the power of true love. True Mother explained in 1992 how true love power works. It comes, she said, from “the system of thought advocated by my husband” and will “serve as the guiding principle for women who will pioneer the future world.”

It begins with the pair system of the God who “created the object partner of His love in order to feel joy.” Inheriting from God, love partners share the same love, such that “not even God can keep them apart.” This love opens “the deep land of mystery [where] everything is your friend. …a state of love filled with ecstasy.” Your body becomes “a resonator of the mind’s world, [with] the roots of God’s love …anchored in your heart.”

I propose that the system of thought advocated by my husband serve as the guiding principle for women.

It manifests in family formation, when man and woman “realize the ideal of love through the harmony of yin and yang.”

It manifests in ethical principles: “Love can circulate infinitely. Since love is an infinite motion, you ought not to dwell on the memory of having given. Love can flow because …you do not fixate on the memory of having given.”

And it manifests in power: “true love …creates a vacuum. …when you try to live absolutely for the sake of others, you will activate infinite power.”

By this power, True Mother said, women “become incomparably strong. …the void created by their giving is filled with God’s love and the power of God’s love is put in motion. …the power of that love manifests as an amazing strength that can save the family, the nation and the world.”

This leads directly to human rights embedded in constitutional principles. “The properties of love,” she said, include three rights, “the right of inheritance, the right of cohabitation and the right of participation.” True love liberates us to live, participate and share. Thus, she concluded, true love is “the key to resolving all our problems.”

The power of love manifests as an amazing strength that can save the world.

Through forty days of such true love, centering on True Mother, with absolute faith, love and obedience, plus total confidence, competence and joy, God’s sons and daughters filled Madison Square Garden. By the power of true love, the founders of all religions were with us; Jesus and the Holy Spirit were with us; the True Parents in heaven and on earth were with us.

(Citations: Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, pp. 895-9.)



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